Use For

  • Arch shape path for sweeping geometry to create 3D arches; e.g. using Arch-E’s Polygon Sweep tool.

  • Template to drive boolean tools for cutting arch shapes into existing geometry (cookie cutter).

  • Starting point for creating moulding profiles (e,g. cyma recta).

  • As a profile for use with modo’s built-in Radial Sweep tool to create 3D arch-derived shapes.


Generates 2D arch shapes that can be extruded or swept to create 3D geometry or used as a cookie cutter. Please note, this a time-limited beta/experimental tool which may become part of an add-on for the Arch-E Kit in future.


  • Click on the Arch-E tab in the modo tools panel.

  • Click the ‘Arch Profiles’ button in the UI and click down in the 3D viewport.

  • Select options as required (see below).


User Interface Options



The shape or style of the arch that you want. Choose between,

  • Roman

  • Segmental

  • Elliptical

  • Parabolic

  • Equilateral

  • Lancet

  • Recto 5/4

  • Drop

  • Quinto Acuto 4/5

  • Ogee Equilateral

  • Ogee Cyma Recta

  • Ogee Cyma Reversa

  • Trefoil Rounded (Round Headed).

The width of the arch (at the spring line). Note, the width is automatically updated when switching between full- and half-arch construction.

Height of the apex of the arch. For some arch shapes the height is determined by the width in which case the height value will be greyed-out.

Polygon Type
Choose between,

  • Polyline: forms an open-loop line of connected 2-point-polygons, which is good for extrusion and radial sweep with half-arches.

  • Polygon: forms a single polygon face, which is good for extrusion and sweeping along a path.

Determines how much of the arch is created. Choose between,

  • Full: Creates the whole arch.

  • Half-Arch: Creates only half of one arch.

Num. Segments
Determines the number of sections that form the arch; i.e. level of smoothness. This value is automatically updated when switching between full- and half-arch construction.