Use For

  • Creating a panel-door layout ready for extrusion and bevelling.

  • Can be used as a starting point for many door layouts; e.g. you can simply merge various groups of polygons prior to extrusion.


A super handy tool that takes the hard work out of dividing up polygons when forming a panel-door. This interactive tool creates a contiguous or segmented mesh of polygons ready for extrusion and bevelling in modo.

Allows for fast selection of door parts by assigning polygon-part names during construction.

Please note, this a time-limited beta/experimental tool which may or may not become part of the Arch-E Kit in future.


  • Click on the Arch-E tab in the modo tools panel.

  • Click the ‘Door Template’ button in the UI and click down in the 3D viewport.

  • Select options as required (see below).

User Interface Options



Layout Preset
Choose the number of panels in the door. Currently supports a limited selection for testing.

’Contiguous’ will create the polygons as one connected mesh, whereas, ‘Separated’ will create the polygons as individual islands.

Size Preset
A selection of commonly used door sizes, given in both mm and inches.

Sets the width of the door template.

Sets the height of the door template.

Stile Width
Sets the width of the stiles on the left and right of the door.

Rail Size - Top, Cross, Lock and Bottom
Sets the size of the rails.

Rail Position (Target) - Cross and Lock
Sets the target height above the ground to the bottom of the cross-rail and lock-rail. The actual height of these rails will vary if the door is too short to accommodate the positions specified.