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Light: Aim At Surface

Use for

  • Adjusting the position of highlights on a surface (polygons).
  • Adjusting the distance of lights to a surface.


Interactivity align one or more lights to a surface (polygons). This provides a fast way to manipulate lights in your scene,

  • Interactively set a light’s facing+position by clicking on- or click-dragging across- a surface.
  • Provides visual indication of where each light is pointed upon tool activation.
  • Control distance of light from surface.
  • Easily switch between selected lights; Max 50.


To activate this tool,

  1. Disable snapping if it's currently enabled (fix coming in the next update 2.20)
  2. Select one or more mesh items.
  3. (Optional) Select one or more lights; Max. 50.
  4. Left-click in the 3d viewport.

To use this tool,

  • To select a light, left-click on its associated square handle.
  • To move a light, left-click on a surface(polygon) or click-and-drag over a surface.
  • To alter the distance of the light from the surface, left-click on the blue arrow handle or right-click and haul the mouse forwards/backwards.

Please note,

  • After moving every 1-to-3 lights, shift-left-click in an empty area of the 3d view to apply the transforms. This will restore/improve interactive performance.
  • Initial handle placement is determined by hit testing against all geometry in the scene.
  • Handle movement is constrained to surfaces of active mesh item layers.
  • Handle movement will stop at the borders of geometry.

User Interface (UI)

Light Aim At Surface - User Interface

Lock Pos

When checked, the position of the selected light will be locked. This setting is global and persists when switch between lights.


Does not support items with (non-identity) scale transforms applied; Translation and rotation transforms are supported.