The mARCH Classics Kit comprises six re-mastered plugins from the popular mARCH Kit for modo. These user-friendly plugins date back to modo 601/701 and still provide some really handy functions to the modo artist.

Whilst much of the original functionality has been maintained, three of the plugins had to be re-written from the ground up and inevitably some things have been improved or removed, and the UI's for all the plugins have been tweaked.

The best way to get a sense of what you can use the included tools and commands for is to take a peek at the user guide (see right-hand sidebar), which includes step-by-step instructions along with videos and other helpful information.

What's Included?


Sweep Polygon

This is the most valuable tool in the kit and is a real time-saver. It sweeps a single polygon profile along a path of points and creates an extrusion that has mitre-type joints at each point or junction along the path, making it useful for a wide variety of tasks; e.g.

  • Window and door trim or moulding;

  • Fascia, rafters, soffits, drip edges and some types of guttering;

  • Baseboards (skirting boards) and other mouldings around the inside of a room;

  • Door liners and door stops;

  • Window and picture frames;

  • Shiplap cladding.


Vector Scale

A super handy tool that enables you to interactively scale geometry, in one or mesh item layers, based on a single known length or by a multiplication factor or by bounds. In addition, choose to centre the geometry around the world origin and/or rest it on the ZX ground plane.

You can use it for,

  • Scaling geometry (e.g. polylines from imported architectural drawings) to a precise size based on a single known length.

  • Scaling any geometry in one or more mesh layers to a given size, along one or more dimensions.

  • Resting one or more mesh layers on the ground plane, either individually or grouped.

  • Centering one or more mesh layers around the world origin, either individually or grouped.


Align Mesh A-to-B
Moves all the geometry within a mesh item (at the component level; no item transforms) from a source point to a target point or the world origin. Allows per-axis alignment using novel tool handles and supports modo's 'select through' workflow.

I use it for,

  • Precise alignment of polyline drawings (e.g. plans, elevations) to one another.

  • Anytime you wish to align one mesh to another along one or more of the major axes.


Select by Height
Selects all geometry that matches the height of a pre-selected vertex, edge or polygon. In addition, this command enables the selection of geometry within a range of heights, as well as, selecting all geometry above or below the height of a selected vertex, edge or polygon.

You can use it for,

  • Easy selection of geometry based on height or level above the ground; e.g. selection prior to using move or extrude on walls, floors and window openings; and

  • Checking elements of your model to ensure they are positioned at the same height; e.g. walls, floors and window reveals.


Align Points A-to-B
Align a selection of points to the last selected point, along one or more axes, with a given amount of offset. This tool supports multiple mesh item/layer selections and is designed for use with modo's fast 'Select Through' workflow; Hence, you can change your point selection on the fly and align different pieces of geometry whilst this tool remains active.

It helps with,

  • Moving the end of a wall to a target position.

  • Moving the end of a piece of steelwork or trim to a target position.


Select by Normal
Selects all polygons whose normal matches that of a previously selected polygon, and permits refinement of the selection based on a variety of filters; e.g. you can limit selection to polygons in the same plane as the target polygon.

It's handy for,

  • Easy selection of walls or other polygon surfaces based on matching normals.

  • Creating a polygon selection prior to applying materials, projecting UVs and more.


  • This kit requires a genuine copy of MODO® 10/11/12 series to be installed.

  • Supported operating systems (64-bit only): Windows 8.1+, Windows10 or macOS 10.10+ or Linux**.

**The Linux version of the kit has been tested with Arch Linux and Ubuntu 18.04. If you can run one of the required versions of modo on your Linux distro, then the kit should be fine. Note, Linux is my primary development environment for modo plugins.

An internet connection is required to access the User Manual.

How to Buy

The mARCH Classics Kit is part of the low-cost ARCH ESSENTIALS bundle.