Time Saving
Artist Friendly
Endlessly Tweakable

Create compelling ‘box sash’ and ‘horizontal slider’ window geometry for use with your 3D buildings (arch-viz, digital set extensions, games, etc., ...) using this professional plugin for modo. Then, add an extra degree of realism using the included 3D window furniture models (handles, pulls and vents).

NX Slider Windows were designed to be easy to use and their underlying procedural nature makes them highly adjustable; for example, you can easily make sliding patio doors with the ‘Horizontal Slider Tool’ by changing the values of a few attributes.

*Note: These tools do not generate the materials/shaders shown.

*Note: These tools do not generate the materials/shaders shown.

Windows The Way You Want Them

Each tool empowers you as an artist by providing an enormous amount of creative control over the final appearance of the windows. We encourage to read about the wealth of attributes that each tool provides by looking at the online user manual.

Artist Friendly

The tools have been designed to be easy to use; for example,

  • The user interface (UI) for each tool is divided into four logical sections, any of which can be collapsed to reduce visual clutter;
  • Magnified (10x) profiles are displayed in the UI when appropriate to give you a much clearer view of what’s happening when applying chamfers.

Technology (Technobabble)

These professional tools are build using ‘nGen’, a proprietary C++14 library developed for the task of creating complex 3d tools; think of it as the back-end of a small 3d application. Hence, everything you see generated, including procedural building of the profiles and geometry, application of modifiers such as rounded chamfers, UV generation, etc., is all done within ‘nGen’ and then converted to a modo mesh. This allows for the independent development of complex tools that are DCC application agnostic and, therefore, not limited by the host application's built-in tool functionality.

What's Included?


Box Sash Tool


Horizontal Slider Tool


Window Furniture Models


  • Updates for bug fixes
  • Updates with features mentioned in the Roadmap (see below)
  • Customer Support via email

Roadmap (Free updates)

  • 1.1
    • Add manual sizing for 2-3 sashes (Horizontal Slider Tool).
    • Add option for parting bead geometry (Box Sash Tool)
  • 1.2
    • Add 'glazing bars' to the front of the window panes.
    • Other minor tweaks; e.g. based on user feedback.


Plugins require MODO™ 10.1+ and are supplied for Windows, macOS and Linux*. The plugins have been tested with MODO™10.1/11 running under Windows 10, macOS Sierra and *Linux (Centos/Arch).


Coming Feb 2018