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Artist Friendly
Endlessly Tweakable

Create compelling casement, fixed-light, double-hung and slider window geometry for use with your 3D buildings (arch-viz, digital set extensions, games) using this professional and fun to use plugin for modo. Then, add an extra degree of realism using the included 3D window furniture models (handles, pulls and vents).

Slider Window Tool (Note, tools do not generate the materials shown.)

Slider Window Tool (Note, tools do not generate the materials shown.)

Artist Friendly: Windows The Way You Want Them

The Window Maker Kit is designed to be easy to use and the underlying procedural nature of the tools makes them highly adjustable, which gives you with an enormous amount of creative control over the layout and appearance of the windows.

However, with great power there must also come -- great usability. Wait. What? Yes, these tools have been designed with you, the artist, in mind; for example,

  • Detail where it matters - apply extra detail (e.g. chamfers) just where you need it.
  • Easy selection and texturing - polygon part names and UVs are automatically generated. And UV scaling is consistent across all three tools.
  • Fast Alignment - use the 'Add Locator To Corner' command to aid easy fitting of the windows.
  • Reduce visual clutter - the user interface for each tool is divided into logical sections, which can be individually collapsed.
profile cross-sections

profile cross-sections

What's Included?


Multi Window Tool


Box Sash Tool


Horizontal Slider Tool


  • 'Add Locator To Corner' command.
  • Window furniture mesh presets.
  • Updates for minor feature additions and bug fixes.
  • Online User Manual with videos (see right-hand sidebar)
  • Customer support via email (direct to the developer)..

From a wooden window design to a contemporary aluminium sliding door in less than no time.

Technology (Technobabble)

This kit was created by the developer of the mARCH kit, using a proprietary C++ codebase developed for the task of creating complex 3d tools; think of it as the back-end of a very small 3d application. Hence, everything you see generated including the procedurally built geometry, parameterized profiles, UV generation, dimension lines, etc., is all done within ‘nGen’ and then converted to a MODO® mesh.


The tools support only modo’s (default) Y-up world axis. Of course, they will still work under other up-axis orientations, albeit the geometry will be aligned along the X and Y axes. We will add support for other up-axis orientations if there’s demand for it.

The UVs are stacked and proportional, but they are neither packed nor normalized to fit in the 0-to-1 space. Hence, pack and paint (if required) is left to the artist.

Materials are not created, but polygon part names are generated (same across all tools) to enable easy selection and material/group assignment. See the Tips and Tricks section of the user manual for more information.


  • This plugin requires a genuine copy of MODO® 10/11/12 series to be installed.
  • Supported operating systems (64-bit only): Windows 8.1+, Windows10 or macOS 10.10+ or Linux**.

**The Linux version of the kit has been tested with Arch Linux and Ubuntu 18.04. If you can run one of the required versions of modo on your Linux distro, then the kit should be fine. Note, Linux is my primary development environment for modo plugins.

An internet connection is required to access the User Manual.

How to Buy

The Window Maker Kit is now part of the low-cost ARCH ESSENTIALS bundle.