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First Light Kit | User Guide

Light From View

Use for

  • Initial setup of modo lights in your scene.
  • Adding lights with linked target locators.


Creates a light at the 3d view location that matches the view facing. This provides a very fast way to setup your scene lighting.

  • Uses the 3d viewport’s view position and facing.
  • Create a ‘target’ locator for the new light on the surface you’re facing.
  • Choice of light types.

Workflow Quickstart

Step by Step

To use this command,

  1. Left-click on 'Create From View' button in the First Light UI.
  2. Set the options in the pop-up panel; e.g. Color.
  3. Left-click 'Create Light' to run this tool.

User Interface (UI)

Light From View UI

Light Type

Choose one of the supported light types,

  • Area
  • Directional
  • Photometric
  • Point
  • Portal
  • Spot

Draw Size

Set the draw size for the light in the 3d view; e.g. Setting this to a small value when working on small-scale scenes will ensure the light icon size is appropriate and does not obscure the 3d view.


Set the color for the light.

Locator Section

Add Target Locator

When enabled a locator will be created at the surface the light is looking at and linked to the light. If no surface is found, the locator will be created at 1m from the light.

Target Surface

Choose which mesh items should be used for hit testing; i.e. determining the position of the target locator.

  • All Mesh Items
  • Selected Mesh Items

Link By

Choose how to link the light and the target locator,

  • Set Target
  • Directional Constraint

Draw Size

Set the locator's draw size in the 3d view. Use this to help prevent the locator from obscuring your 3d view.

Do Section

Create Light

Click this button to create the light.