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First Light Kit | User Guide

Point To Point Light

Use for

  • Creating multiple point lights in place.


Creates a new Point Light at the position of each selected point in your scene, and groups them together to keep the item list clean.

Workflow Quickstart

Step by Step

To use this command,

  1. Select one or more points in your scene (max. 100).
  2. Left-click on the 'Point To Point Light' button in the First Light UI.

User Interface (UI)

Point to Point Light UI

Radiant Intensity

Set the radiant intensity of the lights.


Set the color of the lights.

Use Instances

When checked the first point light will be created as a concrete light type and the remaining lights will be created as instances.

Draw Size

Set the draw size for the light in the 3d view; e.g. Setting this to a small value when working on small-scale scenes will ensure the light icon size is appropriate and does not obscure the 3d view.

Point To Light

Click this button to create the lights.


Version 1.1

  • Added: Radiant Intensity and Color channels added to the UI.