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First Light Kit | User Guide

Stick-E Locator

Use for

  • Positioning a light’s 'target' locator.
  • Set the 3D position of a locator by clicking on a polygon.


A handy tool for interactively moving a selected locator across one or more polygon surfaces.

Workflow Quickstart


Prior to activating this tool, first select

  • a single locator; or
  • a single locator and the mesh items that you wish to use as the target surfaces.

To activate this tool,

  • Left-click the 'Stick-E Locator' button in the First Light UI.
  • Set the options in the pop-up panel; e.g. Offset From Surface.
  • Left-click in the 3D view; Click in an empty space if you do not want to immediately move the locator.

To use this tool,

  • Left-click any point on a surface to move the locator to the hit position.
  • Left-click-drag to move the locator interactively across the polygon surfaces.

User Interface (UI)

Stick-E Locator UI

Offset From Surface

Use this value to offset the locator from the hit surface along the surface normal. Use,

  • a value of zero to place the locator on the surface; or
  • a positive value to place the locator above the surface; or
  • a negative value to place the locator below the surface.


Version 1.1

  • Added: Offset from surface option.


Does not support items with (non-identity) scale transforms applied due to a bug in the modo sdk; Translation and rotation transforms are supported.

Tracks across the polygon surface of the primary/active mesh item only. Support for multiple mesh items coming in a future release.