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First Light Kit for MODO

First Light Kit

Enhance your lighting workflow with a set of 9 custom-built (C++ plugin) lighting tools.

Works with

  • modo 10 -to- modo 16

Compatibile with

  • Windows 10 and 11
  • Linux
  • macOS: Sierra -to- Big Sur only. 12+ NOT supported.

Save: 25 % off

Full price $20

Place Highlight

Interatively place highlights (reflections from a light) precisely where you need them by clicking on- and moving across- polygon surfaces in your scene.

Useful for,

  • Precise placement of specular light reflections relative to the render camera;
  • Rotation of light reflections;
  • Adjusting the distance of light to the surface.

How to use »

Place Highlight tool, for modo.


Procedural (mesh-op) creation of shapes for use as lumigons, reflectors and cards.

Useful for,

  • Lumigons (luminous polygons) for lighting;
  • Lumigons using your own HDR studio light images;
  • Reflector Card.

How to use »

Reflektor mesh-op, for modo

Aim At Surface

Interactivity align one or more lights to face polygon normals.

Useful for,

  • Fast alignment of multiple lights;
  • Adjusting the distance of lights to the surface;
  • Visualise light surface targets.

How to use »

Aim At Surface tool, for modo

Light from Polygons

Creates a light at the centre of each selected polygon facing out along its normal.

Useful for,

  • Create modo lights aligned to poly surfaces; e.g. downlights, lamps.
  • Concept art; e.g. placing point lights to simulate distant light sources.

How to use »

Light from Polygons, for modo

Light from View

Creates a light at the 3d view location that matches the view facing.

Useful for,

  • Fast creation of lights in place.
  • Creating lights with linked surface target locators.

How to use »

Light from View tool, for modo.

Locator from Light Hit

Creates locators at the surface each light is facing at, and links them to their associated lights.

Useful for,

  • Creating linked locator targets for lights.

How to use »

Locator from light hit tool, for modo

Stick-E Locator

Interactively move a locator across the surface of a mesh; Sticks to surface.

Useful for,

  • Positioning a light’s target locator; Changing the lights facing.
  • Set the 3D position of a locator by clicking on a polygon surface.

How to use »

Stick-E Locator tool, for modo

Point to Point Light

Creates a Point Light at each selected point in your scene.

Useful for,

  • Creating multiple point lights in place.

How to use »

Point to Light tool, for modo.

Edge to Cylinder Light

Creates a Cylinder Light at each selected edge with matching orientation and length.

Useful for,

  • Creating cylinder lights aligned to geometry.

How to use »

Edge to cylinder light tool,for modo.

User Guide and Videos


  • This plugin requires MODO (not indie), see top of page for compatible versions.
  • An internet connection is required to access the User Manual.

Supported operating systems: 64-bit only,

  • Windows 10
  • Linux 1
  • macOS: Sierra -to- Mojave
  • macOS: Catalina and Big Sur only 2 . Read how-to »

1 The Linux version is tested on Ubuntu 20.04 (LTS) and Arch (Rolling). Linux is my primary development platform.

2 macOS from Monterey onwards (12+) is NOT supported.


Price shown is for a single-user license ("single seat") of the First Light Kit. Prices shown may vary due to exchange rate fluctuations and exclude VAT (e.g. Europe). Read all Terms and Conditions.


  • The tools are primary designed and tested for use with modo’s default, Y Up-Axis coordinate system. However, most do support working with the other Up-Axis options with the exception of the Locator-from-Light-Hit and Light-From-View tools.