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Arch Profiles

Use for

  • Arch shape path for sweeping geometry to create 3D arches; e.g. using Arch-E’s Polygon Sweep tool.
  • Template to drive boolean tools for cutting arch shapes into existing geometry (cookie cutter).
  • Starting point for creating moulding profiles (e,g. cyma recta).
  • As a profile for use with modo’s built-in Radial Sweep tool to create 3D arch-derived shapes.


Generates 2D arch shapes that can be extruded or swept to create 3D geometry or used as a cookie cutter.


To use this tool,

  1. Left-click on the ‘Arch Profiles’ button in the Arch-E user interface.
  2. Left-click in the 3D viewport.
  3. Select options as required (see below).
Arch Profiles 3D View

User Interface

Arch Profiles UI


The shape or style of the arch that you want. Choose between,

  • Roman
  • Segmental
  • Elliptical
  • Parabolic
  • Equilateral
  • Lancet
  • Recto 5/4
  • Drop
  • Quinto Acuto 4/5
  • Ogee Equilateral
  • Ogee Cyma Recta
  • Ogee Cyma Reversa
  • Trefoil Rounded (Round Headed).


The width of the arch (at the spring line). Note, the width is automatically updated when switching between full- and half-arch construction.


Height of the apex of the arch. For some arch shapes the height is determined by the width in which case the height value will be greyed-out.

Polygon Type

Choose between,

  • Polyline: forms an open-loop line of connected 2-point-polygons, which is good for extrusion and radial sweep with half-arches.
  • Polygon: forms a single polygon face, which is good for extrusion and sweeping along a path.


Determines how much of the arch is created. Choose between,

  • Full: Creates the whole arch.
  • Half-Arch: Creates only half of one arch.

Num. Segments

Determines the number of sections that form the arch; i.e. level of smoothness. This value is automatically updated when switching between full- and half-arch construction.