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Installing the MODO® Kits

Installing the kit is as simple as copying one folder to your modo user scripts folder.

Four versions of the kit are included (modo 10, 11, 12 and 13 series); If you actively use all supported versions of modo, then it is safe to copy all kit folders to your User Scripts directory.

Please follow the step-by-step Instructions below,

  1. Download and unzip the plugin files.
  2. Open modo and from the main menu, select System > Open User Scripts Folder to open modo's 'User Scripts' folder.
  3. Remove previous nx_ kit folders, if any exist.
  4. From the files you download,
    • Copy the ‘nx_ArchE_...’ folder for the version of modo that you are using to the modo User Script folder
      The characters at the end of the folder names indicate the version of modo they are made for; e.g. a folder name ending '_m10' is for modo 10 series. See below.
  5. Close modo
  6. Restart modo and the plugin is ready for use.

Please note: You only need to copy the folders for the version of modo that you're using, which is denoted by the suffix (at the end of the folder name); e.g.

  • For modo 10: nx_ArchE_m10
  • For modo 11: nx_ArchE_m11
  • For modo 12: nx_ArchE_m12
  • For modo 13: nx_ArchE_m13

How do I access the Arch-E kit in modo?

The tools are located under the Arch-E tab, which is in the modo tools panel. Note: for modo 12 and 13, you need to be in the 'Model' layout to see Arch-E in the tools panel.

Arch Essentials UI

Can I put the kit folders in another location?

Yes. If have added an statement in your main modo config that points to a location where you prefer to store your scripts and plugins, then feel free to place the kit folders there.

Help, I cannot see the kits in the UI?

If you cannot see the UI for the kits (see image to right) in the user interface after restarting modo, then it's likely that either,

  1. You have placed the kit folders in the wrong directory (i.e. a folder that is not scanned by modo on start-up); or
  2. The version of the kits that you have is not compatible with the version of modo you are using. Check if your current modo version is compatible with the version of the plugin that your using,
    • Folder name ending ‘_m10’ is for modo 10 series,
    • Folder name ending ‘_m11’ is for modo 11 series,
    • Folder name ending ‘_m12’ is for modo 12 series,
    • Folder name ending ‘_m13’ is for modo 13 series.

How do I add the window furniture mesh presets?

To add the mesh presets to modo’s content folder follow these steps,

  • Open modo.
  • From the main menu select System > Open Content Folder.
  • Navigate to Assets > Meshes and copy the whole “nx_window_furnture” folder, which is included in the files that you download, to it.

Alternatively, you can add the mesh presets to your preferred drive location and then navigate to it using modo’s asset browser.

How do I upgrade to a newer version of the kits?

Follow the step-by-step install instructions as normal, but at step 3 delete the old folders (e.g. nx_ArchE_m10) from your modo User Scripts prior to copying the new ones across to your User Scripts folder.

Can I add my own UI elements that launch the plugins?

Yes. If you’re an experienced user and would like to launch the plugins from another location (e.g. you have a custom palette for a given set of tools) then you can run/activate the tools using standard commands; e.g.

  • tool.set nx.MultiWindow on
  • tool.set nx.BoxSashWindow on
  • tool.set nx.SliderWindow on

Ideally, you should use exported forms when creating custom palettes or UI additions to avoid baking your UI config code into modo's main configuration file.

I’m using Windows 8 and get an error message when I try and activate the tool

It’s possible that your system may lack the latest Microsoft libraries required to run the plugin. In this case, you should install the VS 2017 ‘vc_redist.x64.exe’ package from Microsoft. In order for this to take effect, you’ll need to restart your system after installing this package.

Important: Things to Avoid

There are a few things that you should not do when installing or using this plugin. If you choose to ignore these instructions, then you do so at your own risk. Please do not

  • Remove any files from the ‘nx_ArchE_xxx’ folders; or
  • Rename or otherwise change any of the files in the ‘nx_ArchE_xxx’ folders; or
  • Alter any of the kits user interfaces or forms. Doing so will bake changes into your main modo config and will cause issues with future updates; or
  • Do not use “File > Add Plug-in...” when adding the kit.