Third Guild


Window Furniture Models

Use for

  • Adding extra layer of detail and realism to windows.
  • Use as base to create your own handle or vent variations.


A set of window furniture mesh presets for use with modo; These are sub-d (designed for sub-division smoothing) models.


To use these models,

  1. Navigate to the 'nx_window_furnture' folder using modo's preset broswer.
  2. Left-click on your chosen mesh preset image to load it.

3D Models

Window Furniture 3D Models

The sub-d (designed for sub-division smoothing) models included are,

  • Press Lock Window Handle Left
  • Press Lock Window Handle Right
  • Non-locking Straight Handle
  • Sash Pull Handle
  • Sash Hook Lift
  • Sash Ring Lift
  • Sash Lift 50mm
  • Sash Lift 75mm
  • Interior Trickle Vent 280mm
  • Interior Trickle Vent 380mm
  • Exterior Vent Canopy 280mm
  • Exterior Vent Canopy 380mm


When working with box sash windows consider pairing or doubling-up the handles; e.g. add two pull handles to the bottom sash of the window.